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'The Right Pic' Campaign

December 2018

My thesis entitled ‘The Right Pic’ featured the creation of a conceptual brand ( Pic Products) in which I am the founder and artist/ influencer/ promoter. I wanted to touch on the inseparability of the Artist and content creator from the business / institution in our contemporary age. As we see with artists like Virgil Abloh, Jerry Lorenzo, and a plethora of others, the art and brand are intertwined. And because of platforms like Instagram, this mentality of neoliberalism (self-promotion, self-branding, micro-celebrity) has permeated through every user of the platform. So with my thesis I wanted to tackle this as well as insert my own style and artist context. 

Installed and presented by the Kallick Gallery at Pitzer College


18 x 24"

Chalk Pastel


October 2018

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